Dr Bloom is hands down the most knowledgeable and skilled surgeon. I had consultations with other surgeons but never felt comfortable enough to go ahead with a lower facelift/necklift until Dr Bloom. It was the best decision I have made. I was very nervous the day of surgery, but he put me at ease. He helped me to feel comfortable with every question and concern I had from start till finish, before and after my procedure. All along having a great bedside manner. I also wanted to give a huge thank you to the nurse that he provided with coming to my home for several days after surgery. She was also wonderful. I will not hesitate to have Dr Bloom perform other surgeries as I age.


Dr. Julie Shtraks is literally the best doctor ever, and just overall an amazing person. My nose looks absolutely incredible!


I found dr bloom through Gabi Demartino’s video and spent months looking for a surgeon but none of them really clicked. I had a virtual consult with him and knew immediately he was going to be my surgeon. The pre op was smooth, easy, and he made a pretty complex surgery relatively stress-free. My post op recovery was not nearly as bad as most people after rhinoplasty and I had minimal bruising, swelling was not crazy or anything, and there was no scar bc it was a closed rhinoplasty and I only had little Incisions by my nostrils because he narrowed them and they are already fading. I did go through a period of dysphoria after the cast removal where I didn’t recognize myself after surgery and when I messaged him he immediately called me to make sure I was okay and he gave out his personal cell which a lot of surgeons don’t do and that made me feel much better that he was easy to reach. I am now one month out and I love my results and am glad I went with him as my surgeon. He is kind and isn’t too sales like like many other surgeons who clearly just want your money. He actually wants to make sure your results look good and that you are happy. Also, I am middle eastern and my fear with rhinoplasty was that it would change my race but no he still kept my middle eastern look and didn’t make it look too pinched or unnatural and my nose looks exactly like the 3D imaging. I would recommend him for anyone who is looking for a good ethnic rhinoplasty!


I look like a better version of myself and I would choose Julie again and again. She is extremely talented and extremely tuned in to her patients needs and expectations. I HIGHLY recommend her!

-Lily Thomas

Dr. Bloom did an amazing job on my nose! I felt completely comfortable throughout this entire experience. Everyone involved in the process, including the people who worked in Dr. Bloom’s office and the nurses at the hospital, were extremely helpful and nice. Through 3D imaging, he was able to show me what my nose would look like so I knew how everything would turn out, and the final result is exactly what we had planned. I am so happy with his work because my nose looks so natural and the healing process has been going very well – I am 3 weeks post-op and you can’t tell that I have had surgery at all! Dr. Bloom has been easily accessible for any questions that I’ve had during this experience. I would not change a single thing about the process or his work!


I had a consultation with Dr Julie Shtraks and she was wonderful! Answered all my (many) questions and I never felt rushed. I definitely recommend her!


Having any type of surgery done is scary especially when it comes to your face. But Dr. Jason Bloom was more than qualified and I knew I was in great hands. Ive always had chubby cheeks and was self conscious about it when taking pictures. I workout all the time and live a healthy lifestyle, so my buccal fat made me look heavier than I actually was. Getting this done really shaped my face, and I no longer look in the mirror and see puffy cheeks. The procedure was easier than getting your wisdom teeth done. My recovery time was about a week. I got this done on a Friday and was back to work the following Tuesday. Minimal swelling, and in about 3-4 weeks I could see the results for myself. Now about 2 months out, I am still seeing continuous improvement and can’t wait to see the final result. if you have chubby cheeks, GET THIS DONE. it is worth the money.


I am amazed at my natural looking results. I am so thankful I did my research and found nurse injector Sarah Taylor she truly is the best!


Dr. Bloom performed a Revision Rhinoplasty on my awfully butchered nose in April 2019 (3 months ago). I was going to wait to post a review til 6-12 months later to see the final result, as I am extremely cautious after my bad experience with another surgeon. However, every single time I go into his office and bring up an area of concern – he consistently reassures me that everything will turn out okay in the end. Whether the area of concern is caused by swelling or not, he always offers that confidence that if the issue does not go away when swelling dissipates, he can address the concern in office after healing progresses past the 6 month mark. Even though I understand how complicated my procedure was and how it is impossible to make things entirely perfect, he is always willing to listen to your concerns and address them to make you happy; which is exactly why I know I made the right decision going with Dr. Bloom. Aside from all of that – my nose still looks absolutely gorgeous 3 months post-op. The changes he made to my nose makes my nose look so much cuter, and I can tell a radical difference in my appearance in photos. I was so happy and shocked to see how I looked in the photos from my sister’s wedding, as I usually dread having my photo taken due to my nose. I’m so thankful I found Dr. Bloom from Gabi Martino’s nose job vlog on the internet at the last moment, as I almost booked with a widely known “Instagram Surgeon” that I always felt uneasy with. Dr. Bloom made me feel comfortable and listens to all of your concerns from the moment you meet, and he is absolutely one of the nicest and most personable people I have ever met.


Colleen is fantastic! She’s professional, honest and explains all treatments.


Doctor Bloom is very professional and knowledgable. He did a great job on my procedure and was very helpful throughout the entire process! Would recommend him to anyone, he is the best around! He was always available to be contacted with any questions.


From consultation to post-op; the process was seamless. I could not be happier with my procedures or the surgeon I chose! If you are considering ANY facial procedures Dr. Shtraks is your woman!

-Brooke Long

I have a genetic double chin and a very round face, in every picture of me all I could see was the double chin. It seemed to be getting worse and worse over time (especially between age 23 and 26, which is how old I am now). I felt like my chin made me look like I was overweight when in reality I am average weight for my height.
I went to Dr Bloom and he recommended a chin implant and neck lipo which is what I thought I wanted after reading a lot of realself reviews. I asked Dr Bloom if there was anything else he would recommend doing, like maybe my nose which isn’t exactly cute but I kind of like it. He said if you like it don’t change it, but consider Buccal Fat removal to give myself less of a round face overall. I was back and forth on the buccal fat, which was expensive, but I ended up going with it since this the only plastic surgery I will probably ever have and I figured I didn’t want to regret it and think my face still looks fat afterwards.
I was told the only way to do the procedure is full anesthesia, and my experience at the hospital was good. Dr Bloom marked up my face, then shortly after I was taken in and put under.
I was told that the pain wouldn’t be that bad but overall I think that was not a realistic expectation to set. When I first woke up, my throat hurt so bad from the breathing tube for about an hour. After that the pain in my neck slowly started to creep up and settle in. The pain was about a 6. I was sent home shortly after and the rest of the surgery day was not that bad, I was taking Percocet and still largely numbed. I could eat a little bit.
The next day, one day post, I took the pain killers religiously all day which seemed to keep everything at bay and made it possible to eat. Same thing for the following day, 2 days post except I was much more swollen and my face felt frozen, specifically my lower lip was basically paralyzed. I texted Dr Bloom and he said that’s normal because the implant is under the muscle that controls the lower lip and it could take a few weeks to get the full range back. A good amount of pain these days but it was managed by the painkillers.
3 days post was Monday and I had to start working (from home, with my compression wrap on still) so I couldn’t take the medicine and just took Tylenol. This was a tough day as it was hard to talk over my lip, hard to eat without the Percocet, I was really happy when my work day was done and I could take it again.
4 days post, Tuesday, I saw the doctor and got my stitches out in the morning and he gave me a new wrap and took some pictures which I will try to get. He thought everything looked really good and so did I but still swollen and not a lot of range of motion in my neck. I tried to go longer without the Percocet so I could work more, didn’t take it until 6 but then had a lot of pain eating and ended up not eating very much at all. It might actually have been the most painful day to eat, I could feel every muscle in my neck pulling as I chewed.
Day 5 post, Wednesday, I feel great with less pain. I will probably only take the Percocet to sleep and then hopefully be done completely with it. I have been keeping the wrap on 24/7 except when I shower or take a few minutes of a break, and when I went to the doctor for about an hour it was off. Im going to keep it on 24 hrs a day until Friday, 7 days post, then switch to only nights.


Both Sarah and Lily are extremely kind and meticulous with their procedures. Can’t say enough good things about this office, alway happy to have an appointment!


I am one week postop from an endonasal septoplasty/rhinoplasty with Dr. Jason Bloom and I could not be more pleased with my entire experience. I inherited a lot of things from my grandfather, including his nose. Unlike the ears I got from him, I never grew into this and it has always been something that bothered me. I also had a deviated septum which impaired my breathing. I had been thinking about getting a septoplasty/rhinoplasty for as long as I can remember but feared that I wouldn’t look like myself or some other bad outcome. When I met Dr. Bloom, I was immediately put at ease. Unlike some others, he seemed to actually listen to what I was saying and tried to understand what specifically my concerns were and did his best to realistically address each and every one. To put it simply, I just got good vibes from him- so much so that I scheduled my surgery at my consultation. This may not seem like a big deal to some but for those who know me, I need to plan as much of my life out as possible and this often includes long, detailed decision making processes.
Fast forward to my surgery…
Again, Dr. Bloom and his entire surgical staff put me at ease. Everyone was truly top notch. I wish I could relay more about the actual day but I don’t remember much of what happened after I got my anesthesia. I had minimal pain immediately following my surgery. To be honest, what bothered me most that night was a sore throat from being intubated. In this past week I have had no pain. I’ve used extra strength Tylenol as needed. Swelling has been, in my opinion, minimal and worst immediately upon awakening. Bruising also is not that bad. I have had filler places that caused me to have worse black eyes.
Today I went for my splint removal and while Dr. Bloom told me there was still a fair amount of swelling that had to go down, I personally thought my nose looked great! I have spent the majority of today checking myself out and marveling at how great it is to breathe out of the left side of my nose. I can’t wait to see what the final outcome is. I am so happy I decided to do this and even happier I found Dr. Bloom. HIGHLY recommend ????????????????


Dr. Shtraks' deep knowledge and wonderful personality always lead to a phenomenal outcome. She is committed to working with you to bring out the best results and stands out in her profession. Dr Shtraks is a wonderful representative of Bloom Facial Plastics' standard of excellence.

-Donna Nugent

Dr. Bloom is amazing!! My ENT suggested I see him for a septoplasty + rhinoplasty and I am so happy with my result. Dr. Bloom did an amazing job, from the initial consultation through the surgery and follow up appointments. He is so caring and was always available to answer questions at any point after my surgery. Not only can I breathe much better, but he did a wonderful job changing the shape of my nose and making sure it still looks natural. I was nervous to go through with the surgery, but I am so happy I did and chose Dr. Bloom as my doctor. Thank you Dr. Bloom!!!!


She wants to help you feel your best, but still wants you to look like yourself! I was so comfortable and reassured through the whole experience of my nose surgery! And I couldn’t be happier with the results!!

-Katie Hollister

I usually don’t write reviews, but I had to make an exception for Dr. Bloom only because I’m super happy with my Septo-Rhinoplasty experience & I know how important these can be in helping other people decide who to turn to for surgery. Sorry in advance that this is long, but I wanted to be as thorough as possible.
As a guy in my mid-20s, I had never met another male who had gotten a rhinoplasty (or septoplasty) and many of the women I know that had the procedure did not have the best experience (all of them had both intensive recovery and non-optimal results).
I went to a few Philly-area doctors, my search criteria being that they were licensed EMTs (I had breathing issues) as well as active members of the American Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery. In Philly, this narrows it down a lot. After going to a few consultations, I chose Dr. Bloom because I felt he had the best eye for aesthetics and made my “mock-up” nose the best and most natural looking out of the others I saw, while he also clearly understood the functionality of the nose well. Additionally, the before and after pictures in his office were by far the best out of other ones I had seen.
Being currently located on the West Coast for work, I had to fly in for the procedure and Dr. Bloom was amazing for all pre-op questions and always made himself readily available – he explained everything thoroughly and really helped put my mind at ease.
On the morning of the procedure, he was extremely reassuring as I was nervous. My surgery as a whole was around 2 hours long, and I was out of the hospital a few hours later. Because he does the endonasal Rhinoplasty approach, he did not make any external incisions and my recovery was super fast. I had extremely minimal bruising / swelling compared to what I saw online & never once felt any pain (only took one prescription pain pill before switching to tylenol). Within 6 days, my cast was off, and within 10 days I took a trip to New York to visit friends and they were shocked that I had so recently had this procedure, as my bruising was virtually invisible & there were zero signs of any bruising / obvious swelling.
Now, 1.5 months after the procedure, much of the swelling has gone down very nicely and I have regained feeling in the tip of my nose. Saying I’m completely thrilled with the results of my procedure would be an understatement. It looks almost identical to the mock nose simulation Dr. Bloom created for me before the procedure, and is extremely natural looking – the comment I constantly get is “it looks like it’s always been there”.
Even more, I can now breathe fully through my nose, which has improved my sleeping tremendously. Growing up, I was always a mouth breather and was severely blocked from breathing through my nose, and this has been a miracle for me.
All in all, if you’re considering going with Dr. Bloom – just do it. This guy is an artist who has amazing awareness of facial aesthetics, and you can really tell that he’s passionate about what he does. I’ve honestly had the best experience out of everyone I’ve talked to that has had this procedure, and 10/10 would wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone wanting this surgery.


Dr. Shtraks is very kind, attentive, and detail-oriented. It was important to me to have someone trained in ENT and facial plastic surgery, which made me confident in her expertise for both functional and cosmetic outcomes. I've had a great experience so far and would certainly recommend Dr. Shtraks to others!

-Andrea B

Dr. Bloom is a gifted artistic genius and medically brilliant. I have nothing but wonderful things to say about him. Being a physician myself I have the distinctions to appreciate the difference between a good surgeon and an extraordinary one. Dr. Bloom is extraordinary. He has been accessible, informative, and helpful every step of my journey. He has transformed my face without any evidence of surgery. I can’t stop raving about him. Choose Bloom and you won’t regret it!!


He’s the most informative, innovative and skilled surgeon- ever!! Would not even consider going elsewhere! I look 15 years younger/ with injectables onlyThis review was created as part of a nomination to the RealSelf I Love My Injector Campaign.


Dr. Bloom performed a rhinoplasty / septoplasty and submental liposuction (to get rid of my double chin) on me 6 months ago, and I am beyond pleased! He’s a wonderful surgeon. The results are amazing and so natural. I still look like myself. The best part is that I was never in pain after surgery, so I didn’t need to take any pain medication. From my initial consultation, through the surgery and post-operative visits, Dr. Bloom was great! He’s very nice, straight-forward, and considerate. He really listened to what I said during the consultation and made me feel comfortable and cared for through the rest of the process. I would highly recommend Dr. Bloom!


I am 5 Months post lower facelift chin lift upper and lower blepharoplasty, dr. Bloom is working on my acne rolling scars. He did subcision On both sides of my face. As I said before, Dr. Bloom is the best. His knowledge of the face and skin is incredible. He was very compassionate and understood how much the scars bothered me. I look forward to additional subcisions and possibly some lasers. Getting rid of scars and hyper pigmentation requires different types of treatments. I know Dr. Bloom will do his best to show me improvement.


Dr. Bloom is the absolute best! From start to finish he was amazing. Not only is he the best at what he does, he is also incredibly kind and genuine. I had a rhinoplasty and septoplasty done and I am in love with the results. It’s so natural and still looks my nose only better. He is definitely the only Dr. I’d go to and I can’t recommend him more.


I can’t thank dr. Jason Bloom enough for his care throughout my entire experience Of office visits and recent blepharoplasty. I am beyond pleased with my results and overwhelmed by your patience, kindness, professionalism And unbelievable skills and talent. You have my highest recommendation for any new patient or person considering this or any other cosmetic procedure.


Plastic surgery was something I had been considering for a few years and decided to treat myself for my 75th birthday. I have had some injections and fillers over the years but was now looking for something more permanent. Procedure was same day with overnight stay in the hospital. Recovery time was quick and I was out and about with no bruising and minor swelling after 2 weeks.


There are simply not enough great things to say about Dr. Bloom. I live in New York and travel to his office in Pennsylvania (work sometimes brings me to the area, that is how I found him) because he is the only Doctor I trust to get me the best, most natural looking results for my fillers and Botox. I have recommended several friends and colleagues to him who have said the same thing. Once you see him, you’ll understand. Botox is an art and it is critical that you see the right Doctor or you could end up with asymmetrical results. Dr. Bloom is a master of the art of Botox. No one will know you had it done, you’ll just get compliments saying how great you look and that is what you want. He also happens to be one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet which goes such a long in making you feel comfortable & relaxed during your procedure. He is always honest with you and works with you to achieve your aesthetic goals. You can tell that he truly enjoys what he does in enhancing his patients self-confidence. I can say he has done wonders for mine!

-Leigh Griffin

I had my Five months post surgery visit with Dr. Bloom. I no longer have large bags under my eyes, excess skin on my face or a turkey neck. I let Dr. Bloom know at our previous visit that I have always been unhappy with rolling scars/hyper pigmentation. Today I had subsicion done on both sides of my face. He Truly listened to my concerns and when I arrived he had another physician/expert review my problem. I continue to be elated over the professionalism and personality of Dr. Bloom. I feel confident that with a few more subcisions and possible lasers my acne scarring will be reduced. The substations took about an hour and I could hear some of the scar tissue bands breaking. Having confidence in your plastic surgeon is key. I continue to recommend Dr. Bloom. He also uses these arnica masks which Reduce swelling. Thank you Dr. Bloom for your patience And expertise.


Dr. Bloom performed my septo/rhinoplasty and I couldn’t be happier with the results. My septum was so deviated from a childhood injury that I could not breathe out of my left nostril at all. The bridge of my nose was very crooked and the tip was a bit bulbous. Dr. Bloom straightened the bridge, removed a bone spur, and thinned the tip. I have never breathed so well in my life. The recovery was so much easier than I had expected and I didn’t even bruise at all! Dr. Bloom is unbelievable at what he does and the results are so natural. Dr. Bloom has such an easygoing nature, he put me (and my very protective and nervous mother) at ease right away. I would 100% recommend Dr. Bloom.


Dr. Bloom did a fabulous job- he has hands of Gold! I couldn’t be happier with the results- I feel I look 10 years younger- and everyone said I look great- “He did a great job” and I generally said- “I know” . I would highly recommend Dr. Bloom to anyone- He genuinely cared about me and listened to what I thought .


I look 10 years younger and my friends agree! Dr. Bloom always gets me the results I want. – I look natural! – He has the training and background to know how to make that happen. Not just for me, but for my friends who use him as well. (I recommend him all the time.) – Dr. Bloom spends a lot of time answering questions and explaining exactly what to expect. – He has impressive credentials which is important and reassuring to me. – Dr. Bloom is also just a nice guy! But what I appreciate the most is his honesty. On some occasions I have asked for a procedure that he has discouraged – knowing it wasn’t right for me. And guess what? He was 100 percent right. His staff goes above and beyond to help schedule and make me feel comfortable. (They are also discreet). If you are considering a procedure check him out. You won’t be disappointed!


I just completed a very successful procedure with Dr. Jason Bloom to correct my rhinophyma condition. Dr. Bloom used lazar surgery to reshape my nose in a dramatic fashion. I can’t believe the results. Dr. Bloom’s comforting approach during the entire process reinforced that I had made the right decision to seek his help. I highly recommend Dr. Bloom to anyone suffering from rhinophyma.

-DP Mulligan

I had excess skin on my upper eyelids that bothered me for years. Dr. Bloom performed an upper blepharoplasty this summer (07/2017) and I couldn’t possibly be happier. My recovery was easy. The slight bruising was gone in a week and the scars aren’t visible. He literally took years off my face. Dr. Bloom was amazing from start (consultation) to pre-op, to surgery, and with checking in after surgery. I would do this surgery again in a minute!


I’ve been going to Dr. Bloom for several years for Botox and he did a rhinoplasty revision for me 5 years ago, and this time decided to get my lips done. To his credit Dr. Bloom has discouraged me from doing it in the past because it’s very painful. That touches on one other thing that’s so important to look for in a plastic surgeon. Dr. Bloom has never pushed me to do more or suggested that I need additional procedures, in fact, when I ask he always tells me I just don’t need it. He is so honest. The lip injections were not that painful, I had minimal bruising and swelling and the result is amazing. It’s definitely something I will add to my routine. The best part about being treated by Dr. Bloom is that he is as genuinely excited about your results as you are which makes any little bit of pain totally worth it.


Dr Jason Bloom is amazing!!! I Finally made a choice to have my nose done after numerous years of feeling my bump on my nose was the only thing I saw in pictures and when I looked in the mirror. I went for a consultation where Dr. Bloom recreated my nose on the computer with a 3D image and I couldn’t believe there would be no more bump or drooping of the tip! It was almost surreal to think the thing I disliked so long could be changed. I scheduled the surgery and counted the days until I went! I chose to have this done at Bryn Mawr hospital and was an in and out procedure. The entire team was beyond professional and caring especially Dr Bloom. He went above and beyond to discuss any questions, concerns, and hesitancies with me the entire process from Day 1. I went in at 11 am and went home around 5pm with new nose ???? ready to heal!
The healing process was extremely easy and short for me. I followed all directions and healed within a week. I was back to work 7 days after surgery with no scarring. This is for real!!! After Dr Bloom removed the dressing the tip was already lifted and the bump was gone. The swelling had to work its way out. Over the course of 6 months my nose has “shrink wrapped” into the picture I saw when we created it! It has been 6 months now and I can’t even remember what my original nose looked like. I have to look back at old photos! The confidence and positivity exuded from Dr Bloom during the process helped me realize I chose the best surgeon and made the best decision! My nose finally fits proportionally with my face! I would recommend Dr Bloom confidently and consistently especially for reconstructing noses! Thank you Dr Bloom for making my year and my face amazing!!


Dr. Bloom is one of those rare physicians who are so excited about their science and experience that they shine! His explanation of the procedure to be performed is concise, yet thorough and easy for the lay person like me to understand. Regarding his skills- amazing!! He really changed not only my appearance, but my daily outlook!! His energy is boundless and I got the instantaneous feeling that he thoroughly loved what he did! His post procedure follow up is second to none! I have worked around physicians for thirty years in an ICU setting and Dr. Jason Bloom is amazingly gifted!! I am so grateful for his expertise!


I went to Dr. Bloom for a rhinoplasty, septoplasty and chin implant. I never write reviews-ever, but my experience with Dr. Bloom required any sort of endorsement possible. The entire experience from first meeting to follow up has been 10/10 perfect. Dr. Bloom made me feel so comfortable right from the start. He took the time to talk to me about why I came to him, what I was looking for and how to get there. We spent two hours taking photos and using the best programs to give me a visual of what I would look like after the surgery. The night before the surgery, Dr. Bloom called me to make sure I felt comfortable, the night of the surgery he called me to check in again; he even called me two days later. Not only is Dr. Bloom’s bedside manner incompatible- my nose and chin look better than the pictures. My nose is so natural that my friends who have already had a rhinoplasty have asked me for the Dr. Bloom’s information so that they can correct theirs! The recovery was next to painless, took half a pain killer the first night and that is all! The swelling went down quickly and the chin looks perfect. Like any patient, I had a few questions during recovery. Dr. Bloom gave me his personal number and answered all of my questions within minutes. I cannot express how amazing my experience hope that anyone reading this picks up their phone to make a consult immediately.


Dr. Bloom has been amazing throughout my septo/rhinoplasty journey. Not only did he do a great job, but he made me feel comfortable about the entire procedure. He promptly answered my questions and was very helpful. Due to the healing process, I have so much scar tissue that the tip of my nose is a tiny bit crooked. Dr. Bloom is determined to get it as perfect as possible and I trust him 100% to fix the issue. Dr. Bloom has done two of my friends’ noses and they look perfect. I love my nose now!


Where to begin.. Dr Bloom is extraordinarily talented surgeon. Last year I went to a Penn Med plastic surgeon to have a septoplasty done. I couldn’t breath out of my right airway. Long and painful story short: The Penn Med doctor butchered me. Why or how? Idk. Shortly after my devastating surgery, I sought out a decorated facial plastic surgeon to perform a revision rhinoplasty. I wanted to restore the original appearance of my nose. I did a lot of shopping around until I finally settled on Dr Bloom. This guy.. he’s a made scientist (that’s not to imply he’s not personable.. he treated me like a brother).. but His knowledge and understanding of facial/nasal anatomy is unparalleled. The revision Rhinoplasty I requested was a TALL ORDER… it was very risky and would take a lot of skill/finesse to pull off. He nailed it. Also, im a perfectionist (anal might be a bettter word).. and he pulled it off and met my impossible standards. At the end of it all, we high-fived and i left his office feeling a weight had lifted off my shoulders. I can’t tell you how many times Ive wished i’d just gone to Dr Bloom in the first place (for my septoplasty). Anyways, long story short.. Dr Bloom’s ability is hard to beat.


Dr. Bloom is amazing! I have had two surgeries with Dr. Bloom. One internal with my nose and one rhinoplasty. He is extremely attentive and easy to talk to. He was helpful from appointments, to after the surgery and follow-ups. He goes above and beyond as a doctor to ensure you are comfortable, understand the procedure and recovery process. His work is excellent.


I had a face and neck lift and upper eyelid surgery a year ago. I am very happy with the results and would highly recommend Dr. Bloom, who is a talented surgeon. Dr. Bloom was personable, patient and very accessible. He provided his cell number to contact him anytime with questions or concerned. He is caring and wants to make sure the patient is satisfied. He has exceeded my expectations and I look and feel younger and more alive!


Dr. Bloom did a septorhinoplasty procedure on me about a year ago. He is simply amazing. He is very personable and answers questions, he responds to phone calls and e-mails quickly, and is truly an artist. I had trouble breathing at night and always hated the look of my nose. He completely fixed the breathing problem and gave me the most natural, perfect version of my nose. Also, he was very honest with me and did not give me any unrealistic expectations. I didn’t experience much pain and was totally fine after about a week (a little bruising left but it was concealed easily with makeup.) I’m SO happy with the results and absolutely recommend him. You will not regret it!


After years of contemplating having this done I’m so happy I finally did it. Dr. Bloom is amazing! Aside from making me feel completely confident and comfortable about the procedure I am thrilled with the results. After only one week I went back to work feeling so much better about my appearance. I had no bruising at all and you could barely see the incision. Dr. Bloom is truly gifted and I would highly recommend him.


I feel 1000% comfortable and safe in Dr. Bloom’s hands, and I have not felt that way with any of the numerous ENTs/plastic surgeons I have met with. All of them I felt iffy about. But when I consulted with Dr. Bloom, I knew he was the right person for the job. He’s an absolute artist with sweetest personality. I had a rhino years ago from someone else, but it did not turn out what I wanted. Given my time constraints, we opted for a non-surgical rhino. Again due to my time constraints, he worked with me and squeezed me in during his lunch hour for the procedure. He was thorough, precise, confident, and balanced out every irregularity to give me my desired yet still natural looking nose. It was painless. I don’t do well with needles and his staff brought me a nut bar and some water, and ice packs. I can’t emphasize enough his kind bedside manner. I highly, highly recommend Dr. Bloom. He is now my #1 go-to doc. You will not be disappointed.


Dr. Bloom was the perfect choice – not only did he have the right credentials but he was so friendly and patient. From the first consultation through surgery and follow-up appointments he was great and attentive to any questions you have. He made going through major surgery a lot less daunting – I would definitely recommend him to anyone!


As a local eyebrow specialist, I am extremely particular when it comes to my eyebrow movement and facial symmetry. Dr. Jason Bloom is a perfectionist and beyond talented. He knows exactly how to give my brows and face that “natural and youthful look” without being overly done. My clients never know I get Botox! He’s THAT good! My favorite thing about Dr. Bloom’s work is his ability to even out my brows. Naturally, one brow is higher than the other. After Dr. Blooms’ injections, they are both even with that slight “lift” that makes my face look younger and sexier. Dr. Bloom is HANDS DOWN the best!


I was concerned about wrinkles in my forehead, crows feet and fine lines. I wanted Botox but was afraid of looking like I had something done. Dr. Bloom’s expertise at injecting just the right amount at just the right place gave me a flawless, refreshed look. People tell me how great I look, and I do compared to others my age! And I don’t look phony!


I was looking to minimize the fine lines that were forming along my upper lip. Dr. Bloom spent a lot of time going over my options and explained each procedure throughly. He suggested the use of Restylane Silk to enhance my lips which would help to reduce the appearance of those lines. The results were exactly what I hoped for. My lips looked natural (only better) and those annoying lines above my lips were gone!


I was born with extremely large fat pockets under my eyes and thought that I would have to live that way. No amount of cream, serum, etc. relieved any of it. One day looking in the mirror, realizing my face was “dropping” because of age, my bags were worse. I consulted with Dr. Jason Bloom and he assured me that he could fix it!! I couldn’t believe after 54 years, I could have these awful bags removed from my lower eyes. the main reason I went ahead and did it right away is because I could afford it!!! I thought the procedure would have cost much more than it did being that none of it would be covered by insurance. Dr. Bloom was very reassuring and even called me the night before the surgery (Sunday night) to see how I was doing. He called me the night of the surgery at home to check in and was always there if I needed him. A week after the surgery when I had to see him to take out the stitches, he was not happy with the way one of the eyes was healing. He re-stitched it right there & then because he is a PERFECTIONIST!! and it healed perfectly. I also got some injections in my face a month later. I didn’t feel that the dysport really took to me, and Dr. Bloom injected more at no additional charge. He makes sure you are completely happy before you leave there…. and I was. 5 months later, I still go back to see him so he can check on my eyes. He truly is a perfectionist and does great work. I would highly recommend him to anyone considering a cosmetic procedure.


I’m a 58 year old man. I’m reasonably fit, not overweight, but I had no “chin.” Like many other people, I had a significant amount of excess skin/fat hanging under my chin along the length of my neck. Dr. Jason Bloom performed a neck lift with platysmaplasty, as well as bi-lateral lower lid blepharoplasty. It was close to 5 hours of surgery, and 10 days later, I look great. The swelling is coming down nicely, the eyes have practically healed completely, and aside from wearing the elastic compression wrap for a few more days, I’m good to go. I enthusiastically recommend Jason Bloom. He is an outstanding surgeon and I don’t think it is possible for him to have been more available to me (via text/email/phone) in the 10 days since the surgery.


My troubles began long before I was fortunate enough to meet Dr. Jason Bloom. As a child, the underlying structure of my nose was seriously damaged in an accident. I awoke during a repair attempt and the surgery was halted. Thru the years, I suffered without proper sinus cavities, nasal function, violent migraines, physical ailments, and collapse.
I was seeing a neurologist, an ENT, and a gastroenterologist. The lining of my stomach, esophagus, and sinuses were swollen and irritated. No air was able to pass thru my one nostril. The other would collapse and stick if I tried to breathe thru it and I was labeled a choking risk. I had to breathe thru my mouth during the night which caused my tongue to dry and harden. I kept ginger ale in my bathroom so I could submerse my tongue to re hydrate and soften it. I would drink 2 waters and use Chloraseptic throat spray in an effort to keep my mouth wet and my sore throat quiet. Needless to say, I never got more than 2 hours of uninterrupted sleep. I had such a hard time staying awake in the daytime, I was prescribed provigil for a few years. My dentist took precautions as I was labeled a gag risk when having impressions taken.
I made great efforts to find a doctor that possessed the talent to rebuild my nasal structure. One doctor said I looked too good on the exterior, I was a lawsuit risk. Another said overzealous prior doctors had ruined my nasal structure (I asked, he did not read my chart and was unaware of any accident). I waited 2.5 hours to see an award winning reconstructive doctor only to be told there was no hope. I should buy springs to insert in my nostrils each night and remove each morning. Since I owned a medical facility, I would be able to find where to purchase these more easily than his staff. I researched cases by a doctor that were published in textbooks and was so excited for the appointment. Only to be crushed when he said he followed the money, went into plastics, and had not practiced extensive reconstructive cases for over a decade.
At this point, even me, an eternal optimist, was beginning to suffer from the effects of depression. I wanted a forever nose not just another temporary fix. I was already 46 years old. I don’t have the words to describe how I felt as I physically and mentally deteriorated from the medications, testing, appointments, procedures, and pure exhaustion all the while having to push myself to smile for my family. My negative perception of myself was compounded by the effects of aging. Desperate to end this way of life, I renewed my search.
In my opinion, the first thing to consider when interviewing a doctor is diagnostic acumen which Dr. Jason Bloom definitely possesses. In layman’s terms, the ability to quickly evaluate and diagnose your problem accurately with keen insight. The second thing I look for is an extraordinary bedside manner. Dr. Jason Bloom presents himself in an easy going manner with a quiet confidence and caring attitude that is reassuring to patients. The next piece of the puzzle, is manual dexterity and exceptional artistic ability that can be gleaned from prior cases. Each individual is so different, a doctor needs to be flexible. Especially during surgery as you never know what you will find or what will happen. You want a surgeon that has the talent and ability to deal with any and every possible situation in the OR, while still achieving the best possible aesthetic outcome. This is a perfect description of Dr. Jason Bloom. Not even computerized robotic surgery can replace the manual dexterity and artistry that he possesses. Lastly, I consider the business aspect. A medical facility needs to be financially managed in a precise fashion to ensure the doctor and the patient have the best and most current products, machines, staff, and training. Dr. Jason Bloom’s office conducts itself in this manner. His office even accepts insurance and takes every measure possible to have valid successful claims submitted. The charge for my cosmetic goals was half of other estimates that I had received.
Dr. Jason Bloom was extremely open to conversing about scenarios regarding my treatment plan. There were rebuild and cosmetic goals that I wanted to achieve. Together we decided on 2 surgeries, one year apart. The first was to rebuild the underlying structure. The second was to do any tweaks necessary after review of how the bone grafts settled plus cosmetic procedures. Both surgeries were a fantastic success. Dr. Jason Bloom’s care and concern for my health, safety, and welfare was paramount throughout all of our interactions.
My nasal cavity has been rebuilt in a more permanent fashion. The aesthetic appearance and functionality of my nose was beyond my wildest hopes and dreams. People made many comments regarding changes they saw. They said I was calmer, more relaxed, my skin tone looked better, my eyes weren’t so sad, I had more energy, I smiled more, and I looked healthier than ever. That was before the second surgery that included a mid face lift, neck, and lower eyelid procedures. The response I got from people that were unaware was phenomenal. Complete random strangers would use adjectives like breathtaking, stunning, and gorgeous. I would thank them and try to move on, only for them to insist on continuing on about my perfect bone structure and adorable nose. (That accident as a child, I went over a cliff in a car and my face took the brunt of it.) One man came over and shook my husband’s hand and said he was compelled to tell him how lucky he should feel to be dining with the most beautiful woman in the world. Nothing validates surgical results as much as random strangers going out of their way to make sure you understand just how glamorous they feel you are.
I do not see a neurologist, an ENT, or a gastroenterologist nor take any meds from them. I do not pull the skin on my cheekbone to get a little air thru my nose. I do not use Chloraseptic throat spray or ginger ale thru the night. I am not a choking risk. I do not spend countless hours and dollars maintaining appointments and prescriptions. I have my dental impressions taken just like everyone else.
I can breathe thru my nose. I can sleep thru the night and stay awake thru the day. I need a lot less help from staff and friends as I have more time and energy to do things myself.
I urge anyone who can relate to any portion of this article to go for a consult. I own a medical manufacturing firm so I feel my advice should be given serious weight. Furthermore, I have done the work for you. I spent 8 years researching, going to consult after consult, interviewing doctors and surgeons. Without hesitation, I give my absolute and unwavering recommendation to Doctor Jason Bloom. I do not believe that he truly understands how rare his expertise are.


It has been seven months since Dr. Bloom performed a deep plane facelift and an upper blepharoplasty on me. As it was a huge decision to make, I am so glad that I decided to have Dr. Bloom do the procedures. When I met with Dr. Bloom, I explained to him that I was unhappy with the loose skin on my neck and my sagging jowls. He explained the procedures to me and showed me before and after pictures of the work he had done on his patients. I asked many questions before I decided to have the surgery; and Dr. Bloom was always available to answer them for me. It was very comforting knowing that I chose a doctor that was so caring, informative, patient, and accessible. I was 67 years old at the time of the surgery and it was a positive experience with gratifying results. I am very happy with the surgery that Dr. Bloom performed on me and I would highly recommend this doctor. He is a talented professional with great skills.


Dr Bloom is really great. Everything about him is great – his attitude, his manners, so professional. but the most important – he did an excellent job. My nose now is straight and nice. I just love the way it has changed my appearance. I had a very deviated septum. It caused first trouble breathing and made me look a little unique )). Now I can breath very well, to sleep well and I look and feel better. It is still me, still unique, but better me


Absolutely in love with the results. What a difference a little botox makes! Dr Bloom is truly the best. You only get one face, and I only trust Dr. Jason Bloom with mine. He makes sure you are comfortable and happy. Dr. Bloom is the most caring, kind and knowledgeable surgeon. Most important, the results are exactly what I hoped for…a wrinkle free and youthful forehead. As a plus, I was also experiencing bad migraines which have subsided since my botox treatment.


Looked older than I felt. Nervous at first, however, after talking with Dr. Bloom I felt confident and very comfortable about the whole procedure. Even my husband, who was against my doing this, was for it after meeting with Dr. Bloom. He was available by phone day and night after coming home. Provided home care which just eases any questions that arise.


I went a month early this time just because I was starting to see movement in between my eyes which I do not want to see. I still had Dysport left from last time that was still active som y doctor recommended a different approach. Instead of 60 units in between my eyes he did 50 units there, instead of 50 units in my forehead he did 40 units there & instead of 20 units at my eyes he did 40 units. He injected more going toward the under eye area as opposed to just staying to the side of the eye where ppl get crows feet. I definitely see a big difference in the lines there they are nearly gone. Prevention instead of fixing aging is my philosophy.


fter the HCG diet great weight loss at 52, I had a few areas I knew diet and exercise would not refine- the large device is great for across the tummy to define your waist line and I also had my saddle bags done on my hips- I LOVE the results, and Dr. Bloom is in the top 1% of all physicians I have had as a provider for three decades- he is very talented! I also have my botox done with him.

-petticoat junction

When I first began looking into Juvederm I was extremely nervous after reading mixed reviews on the procedure. As soon as I walked into Dr. Bloom’s office his staff made me feel extremely comfortable, and he really takes the time to explain everything. My lips looks absolutely fantastic, and the day of the injections I felt like i had such little swelling. I would recommend Dr. Bloom to anyone, he was such a perfectionist and made sure my results were as even as possible. I will definitely be going back!


I had botox injected into my forehead and the area between my eyes. I started seeing wrinkles and a crease between my eyes. The botox was just what I needed. My results were better than I expected. Within a week the results were evident and amazing!! I couldn’t be more pleased. I will be going back.


Went today for my first botox injection. Dr Bloom was wonderful! I had a few questions about the procedure and about other concerns I had. He sat down and took time to answer all my questions. I never felt rushed. Dr Bloom was very kind. When I discussed getting fillers in other areas he told me I didn’t need them which was really cool. I imagined that any doctor I went to would sell me anything, but that was not the case with him. The staff was also super friendly and helpful. I will return and refer anyone who is willing to listen;)


Pros: I had Restylane injected just to outline my lips from a different physician’s office. It was not symmetrical and my lips were not full enough.

This review is regarding the Juvederm filler that I had injected to outline and fill my lips. The result exceeded my expectations! My lips look very natural. They are full and feel totally smooth. There are no lumps or bumps (which I did feel with the Restylane).

Cons: minimal bruising but I am on aspirin daily.


Pros: Fine lines are totally gone, but my forehead does not have a “frozen” look. I can still raise my eyebrows. Crow’s feet are gone and under my eyes are improved as well which is a secondary benefit…totally unexpected! 🙂 Cons; None!!


Hello To my Real Self Babes . So I am scheduled with Dr. Jason Bloom to get rhinoplasty , buccal fat pad removal , and chin and neck lipo . I’m super excited and can’t wait to update you with my results . I felt the need to do this mass review , because when doing research I didn’t find a lot of great results or reviews when it came to a few of my procedures listed above and that greatly discouraged me from taking the leap to happiness . So far my experience with Dr. Bloom has been great . He is super responsive , I email him all the time with crazy random questions and he always responds within a few hours if not sooner then that . He’s been super reassuring that he can give me the results I’m trying to achieve and ultimately I trust him to deliver . That’s like the most important part when going through a process like this is trusting your doctor and really feeling like this person cares about the look you’re trying to achieve and making that happen for you . He’s awesome and very caring and I’m so glad I found him . I will continue to update you with before and after photos as the process continues , as my surgery isn’t until July . But I plan to post my results up to a year after surgery because I think this is highly needed on this sight for my procedures . Whatever I can do to make you more comfortable and confident in your decisions , I’m happy to help ! I’ll post a few photos of my wish nose , just so you can get an idea of the look I’m going for !


Jason and Ellen are a killer team. They are thoughtful and careful. It’s not easy fighting age but their expertise gives you great results. Well worth it!

-Kate Powell

Dr. Bloom is a caring, professional expert in his specialty. I have been to many doctor’s in his field and have never felt as comfortable and happy with my results as I do with Jason. As an athlete in college, I was injured badly. My face had a terrible accident. Dr. Bloom has helped me feel better both emotionally and estheticially. It’s his bed side manner that sets him apart from the rest. Of course his smiling face too! I have been in the medical field for 20 years as a medical/pharmaceutical and biotech representative. I’m also on T.V. and need to feel and look my best. Dr. Bloom is a thought leader and speaker for the leading companies in this industry. Which is why I refer Dr. Bloom to my family and friends with ease and confidence.

-Carrie Wightman

I am one to never write reviews, but I couldn’t race home fast enough to write this one. I had a consultation with Dr. Bloom, and he couldn’t have been nicer or more honest. He saved me from going down the wrong path of an upper bleph surgery. I was so appreciative to receive such an honest and thoughtful consultation. There was something about his demeanor and his knowledge that made me trust him instantly.

If you are considering cosmetic surgery of any type, I highly recommend you schedule a consultation with Dr. Bloom. Although I don’t have any planned currently, I plan on returning to Dr. Bloom for any facial or cosmetic procedures in the near future.

-Courtney Dolan

As I stated in my review about Botox for this same provider, I am a registered nurse and am very particular about the physicians I choose for my care. Dr. Bloom is exceptional on many levels. He is a perfectionist, has an excellent bedside manner, very patient and his technique and results are phenomenal. He does not use a dental block which I was thrilled about; he just uses a topical anesthetic and the two injection sites are done with Lidocaine. I was surprised that is was virtually painless. There was minimal tenderness when the cannula reached the center of my lips. I highly recommend Dr. Bloom!


Went today for my first botox injection. Dr Bloom was wonderful! I had a few questions about the procedure and about other concerns I had. He sat down and took time to answer all my questions. I never felt rushed. Dr Bloom was very kind. When I discussed getting fillers in other areas he told me I didn’t need them which was really cool. I imagined that any doctor I went to would sell me anything, but that was not the case with him. The staff was also super friendly and helpful. I will return and refer anyone who is willing to listen;)


Dr. Bloom is a truly gifted surgeon. He has a way of making you feel completely comfortable. Before the initial consultation I was nervous about having the procedure. Once he explained everything to me I felt confident and excited to have it done. After the procedure I couldn’t believe I had absolutely no bruising at all and minimal swelling. I had no discomfort to speak of. The following week I went back to work feeling fabulous. I would highly recommend Dr. Bloom.


Dr. Jason Bloom is amazing! Not only is he exceptional at what he does, he’s super friendly and extreamly patient. I’m so much happier after a visit to his office. His attention to detail and sense of aesthetic are always on point. He and his staff are always available to answer any questions or concerns I may have. I consistently feel like I’m in good hands and safe about getting procedures done in his office. Dr. Bloom definitely goes the extra mile to make sure I’m satisfied with my treatment. I highly reccomend going to see him.


Dr. Bloom is friendly, outgoing, gracious, compassionate and really cares about his patients. He asks questions to make sure you are comfortable.


Dr. Bloom has been my go to doctor for botox and fillers for years. He spends a lot of time answering questions and explaining all of the options that are available. He is very friendly and personable and extremely knowledgeable in all the various products. I’ve been to other doctors in the past, but now I only use Dr. Bloom because my results are always consistent and seem to last longer!


As mentioned above, Jason is the best. I couldn’t recommend him highly enough. Anyone in the greater Philadelphia region who is considering any type of face/neck plastic surgery should consider Dr. Jason Bloom.


Dr.Bloom was confident when talking about his techniques and so reassuring. Answered all questions, showed results from other patients. Dr. Bloom spends as much time with you as you need. The morning of the operation naturally I was nervous, but after seeing him I just felt calm and relaxed. Was always available, before and after the operation.


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