What is otoplasty?

Dr. Bloom performs otoplasty, a low-risk surgery, to improve the appearance of the ears. This can involve ear pinning for ears that protrude; re-sizing the ears; correcting asymmetry; correcting the appearance of the ears after an injury has affected them, or restoring the earlobes. Otoplasty involves re-shaping the cartilage through incisions that are hidden behind or inside the ear. Otoplasty is especially common for improving self-esteem and confidence among children and teenagers, but can also help adults as well. 

Commonly corrected conditions with otoplasty

  • Ears that significantly protrude from the head
  • Overly prominent ears
  • Ears that are too small
  • Stretched-out earlobes
  • A “cup ear” or “lop ear”

How old does a child have to be to undergo otoplasty?

Many ear surgery patients are children and teenagers, because this is the age range in which individuals often get teased because of their ears. Ear pinning and other otoplasty procedures can greatly help these individuals by making the ears much less noticeable. We recommend that the child is at least seven years old before considering ear surgery.   

Recovery and results

Recovery from otoplasty or ear pinning involves rest and restricted activity for up to a week. The ears will remain bandaged for (at least) the first few days. Depending on the extent of the otoplasty, dissolvable or non-dissolvable stitches may be used. Non-dissolvable stitches are generally removed after one week. The most common side effects are itching, swelling, discomfort, numbness, and/or tenderness in the area, but these are typically mild and temporary. It’s very important to keep pressure off of the ears during recovery, exercise, sports, and other strenuous activities should be avoided during this time. You will also need to refrain from sleeping on your side. If the patient is a child, it’s important for parents to make sure that their child is not touching or scratching the area. Final results from otoplasty or ear pinning in Philadelphia at Bloom Facial Plastic Surgery are permanent and visible within two weeks, although the appearance of the ears may continue to refine for up to 12 months as residual swelling subsides.

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Earlobe repair

Heavy earrings, gauge earrings, piercing mistakes, injuries, and the natural aging process can lead to torn or stretched-out earlobes. Dr. Bloom’s earlobe repair is a reconstructive procedure that restores a more normal appearance to the earlobes. 

His approach to earlobe repair depends on the cause of the problem, as well as the severity. Earlobe tears and overstretched piercings can be repaired with surgically placed sutures under local anesthesia, while drooping lobes can be plumped up with injectable fillers to achieve an improved look.

Earlobe repair procedures usually take less than one hour, and recovery is quick and relatively painless.

Dr. Jason Bloom: Philadelphia and Bryn Mawr otoplasty surgeon

Double board-certified surgeon Dr. Jason Bloom and his team deliver the most advanced facial surgery techniques and technologies to all patients, coupled with the highest level of outcomes in a caring and safe atmosphere. Bloom Facial Plastic Surgery is conveniently located in Bryn Mawr, nestled in the heart of the Main Line just outside of Philadelphia, and our entire team offers personalized and directed care. Our office is like a family, and we take care of each patient like they are one of our own. We exude a positive and friendly atmosphere from the moment you walk through our door throughout your entire experience with us. The comprehensive nature and synergy of our team provides our patients with unparalleled results. If you’re in the Bryn Mawr and Philadelphia area and are seeking an exceptional otoplasty surgeon, we welcome you to contact us for a consultation.

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Otoplasty FAQ:

How much will an Otoplasty cost?

The cost of lip lift can vary based on factors like the surgeon's expertise, location, and extent of the procedure, but generally around $10,000 by Dr. Bloom and $8,000 by Dr. Shtraks.

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