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Venus Viva MD is just one of the advanced forms of technology we offer patients at Bloom Facial Plastic Surgery. Designed for all skin types to improve the skin, Venus Viva MD is a highly customizable device that has the ability to achieve incredible results with very minimal downtime. It combines NanoFractional radiofrequency™ (RF) with SmartScan™ technology, which means that brand-new collagen is created; efficacy is enhanced; treatment areas can be larger and more uniform, and the procedure is more comfortable.

What is the Venus Viva applicator?

The Venus Viva applicator performs facial remodeling and resurfacing treatments such as reducing fine lines and wrinkles, pigmentation, rosacea, acne scarring, loose skin, uneven skin texture, melasma, and enlarged pores.

It’s ideal for any condition that requires ablation and resurfacing of the skin, and is safe for all skin types.

The handheld device features tiny pins that safely create micro-holes in the skin’s surface and also emits NanoFractional radiofrequency heat. Over a few days, the small holes heal, but the energy has penetrated much deeper to promote new collagen growth. The holes that were made become filled with brand-new cells that are generated from the stem cells located in the healthy surrounding tissue.

Patients who have this procedure done say that they feel a “little sense of heat” that is not uncomfortable, as a numbing agent is applied beforehand. After treatment, patients may be slightly red for 1-2 days, with some possible swelling as well. At 3-4 days, the skin will dry out and feel a little rough. After this, the skin will become radiant and glowing.

What is the DiamondPolar applicator?

The DiamondPolar™ applicator is used to address moderate to severe facial wrinkles and rhytides on smaller areas of the face and jowls. The DiamondPolar applicator stands out due to its magnetic pulse energy technology, which creates and forms more blood vessels, which is great for addressing imperfections of the skin such as scars.

This technology also allows the device to reach the effective temperature more quickly, which reduces patient discomfort during treatment and helps the session time be shorter.

DiamondPolar is excellent for patients with Fitzpatrick skin type I-IV, and achieves a lifting effect while new collagen is created (a process that takes a few weeks).

There is no downtime; only occasional flushing of the skin which subsides in about one hour. The DiamondPolar applicator is ideal for the maintenance of healthy, bright skin. 

What is the Venus Versa IPL applicator?

Venus Versa™ IPL photofacial treatments decrease conditions such as sun damage, brown spots, prominent veins, and pigmentation. Using intense pulsed light (IPL) combined with SmartPulse™ technology, Venus Versa IPL works by precisely emitting fast pulses of powerful light into layers of the dermis. These pulses create heat, which the underlying tissue absorbs. Once this happens, the tissue begins to heal, thereby improving the damaged skin. The Venus Versa IPL applicator includes a cooling feature that helps keep discomfort low during treatment. The procedure feels a little warm, but not painful. We will provide protective eyewear to keep your eyes safe during treatment. Results become apparent after 1-2 treatments, with optimal outcome after 4-5 sessions spaced three weeks apart. Treatments are approximately 15-20 minutes, and there is no downtime — you’ll just need to be sure to wear sunscreen following treatment.

Venus Viva treatments from Bloom Facial Plastic Surgery 

Not only are energy-based devices such as Venus Viva one of our main services; double board-certified Dr. Jason Bloom is also a cosmetic face specialist, and therefore selects only the most effective and proven devices and technologies. Bloom Facial Plastic Surgery is conveniently located in Bryn Mawr, nestled in the heart of the Main Line just outside of Philadelphia. Our aesthetic center specializes in offering the most advanced treatments for wrinkles, fine lines, sagging skin, facial volume loss, double chin fat reduction, and facial aging. If you’re in the Bryn Mawr and Philadelphia area and you’re interested in any of the services that we can provide with the Venus Viva MD Skin Resurfacing System, we invite you to contact us today to set up your consultation.

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