Dr. Bloom’s approach to lower eyelid surgery

Dr. Bloom ensures that his patients’ results from lower eyelid surgery will look completely natural by making the incision through the lower eyelid or supporting it with a muscle suspension. Doing this prevents a pulled or unnatural result.

His physical evaluation of you is also very important, as this will allow him to determine your skin, eyelid and muscle laxity; skin excess; fat pseudoherniation, and periorbital or infra-orbital hollowing or volume loss.

What lower eyelid surgery does

  • Improves loose skin, excess fat, and wrinkles of the lower eye area
  • Corrects wrinkled eyelid skin
  • Lightens dark circles under the eyes
  • Removes extra lower eyelid skin
  • Decreases bulging fat pockets under the eyes
  • Corrects asymmetry of the lower eyelids

Lower Eyelid Sugery Before & Afters

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How much does lower eyelid surgery cost?

Lower eyelid surgery ranges from $9000-$13,000 with Dr. Bloom and $6000-$8000 with Dr. Shtraks depending on the approach and associated procedures.

What happens during lower eyelid surgery?

Lower eyelid surgery is performed with the patient under local anesthesia, perhaps with sedation. Dr. Bloom’s most common approach is a transconjunctival lower eyelid surgery where he will go through the lower eyelid to conservatively remove the eyelid fat, take a skin pinch to tighten up the lower eyelid skin, and finally perform periorbital fat grafting to fill in any hollowing or volume loss. This is a minimally invasive approach that is very natural-looking and produces remarkable results. The procedure takes about one hour to complete. Dr. Bloom frequently performs structural fat grafting in the periorbital and mid-face/cheek areas along with lower eyelid surgery. This helps to fill in some of the periorbital volume loss and hollowing that is associated with aging, and effectively fills in the lid-cheek junction, thereby providing natural volume to the mid-face and periorbital areas.


The recovery time for lower eyelid surgery will depend on if periorbital fat grafting was performed along with the procedure. Swelling and bruising can last for around two weeks, but the majority of patients are ready to go out into public with some makeup at this time.

Why choose Bloom Facial Plastic Surgery?

Not only is eyelid surgery one of Dr. Jason Bloom’s main services at Bloom Facial Plastic Surgery; he also believes that it can be the most rejuvenating treatment of the entire face. Dr. Bloom is a double board-certified facial plastic surgeon who is an assistant professor at Penn and Temple, and also a consultant, author, teacher, and trainer within the industry. His surgical and aesthetic center, Bloom Facial Plastic Surgery, offers a comprehensive facial rejuvenation experience.

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Lower Eyelid Surgery FAQs:

How much does a lower eyelid lift cost?

Lower eyelid surgery ranges from $9,000-$13,000 by Dr. Bloom and $6,000-$8,000 by Dr. Shtraks.

What can I expect during recovery?

There will be some swelling and bruising after lower eyelid surgery, and cool compresses for a few days can help with this. You will also need to avoid intense activity for about one week. Your sutures will be removed one week after the procedure. Recovery time is approximately one week.

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